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CB Marvins room remix

Breezy’ remix of Drakes track Marvins room. Not as emotional as Drakes performance, but still dope !

If you haven’t heard Drakes version, check it out here

You Look Better With the Lights Off

It’s Friday y’all ! Celebrate the weekend 🙂

Tyler the Creater – Yonkers

Just came back form LA where I visited the Supreme shop, which is a local hang out for the Odd Future boys. Goblin tags was also very visible on the sidewalk. Check out this video from Tyler the Creator!

It’s Tropical – “The Greek”

I just stumbled upon this cool video. Remember how you would spend hours running around shooting your friends? 🙂

Chris Brown – Should’ve Kissed You

New video from CB. Showing some emotions, wondering if this hits Rihanna .. ‘s heart?

One message from SB to CB – Get that f**king hair cut under control !! Blond hair to this swaggerbandit, not cool.. not cool bro!

Have a nice weekend !

Lloyd – Lay it down!

Another remix of Lay it Down by Lloyd !! Remember his “King of Hearts” album dropping soon !

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Having fun and busting moves !! Have a great saturday night !!