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Sick Dancing

These moves are precise, fresh and shoulder-twistin’ !

CB Marvins room remix

Breezy’ remix of Drakes track Marvins room. Not as emotional as Drakes performance, but still dope !

If you haven’t heard Drakes version, check it out here

It’s Tropical – “The Greek”

I just stumbled upon this cool video. Remember how you would spend hours running around shooting your friends? 🙂

Chris Brown – Should’ve Kissed You

New video from CB. Showing some emotions, wondering if this hits Rihanna .. ‘s heart?

One message from SB to CB – Get that f**king hair cut under control !! Blond hair to this swaggerbandit, not cool.. not cool bro!

Have a nice weekend !

Tickets for R. Kelly ordered!

I’m off to the infamous Dog Town  in a few weeks. Latest activity added to the list is a concert with Mr. R. Kelly himself.

Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time has just blown up on the internet, started on youtube about 7 months ago. They take cooking to another level, “next level cooking show” in their own words.

Creating Sushi and lasagna from fast food, is just some of the things they make !! It’s awesome and make sure to subscribe to get fun videos every thursday !