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Kanye West & Jay-Z: Watch the Throne Documentary

On August 1st, the long waited album drops. Can’t wait? Treat yourself to this doc while you wait.

CB Marvins room remix

Breezy’ remix of Drakes track Marvins room. Not as emotional as Drakes performance, but still dope !

If you haven’t heard Drakes version, check it out here

Odd Future vs. Chris Brown

As we went to get new tat’s in LA a funny thing happened right outside. As mentioned earlier, the crew from Odd Future often hang out at the Supreme shop on Fairfax ave. They have been dissin’ Breezy in some of their lyrics,  which he was very unhappy about, apparantly. Because as we were getting inked, he rolled up just outside in his Lambo with 8-9 “gorillas” looking for the Odd Future-kids. They were not there at the time, but it would have been interesting to see how the whole thing would have played out!

On that note, enjoy Odd Future’s Frank Ocean – Novacane. I wanna go back!

You Look Better With the Lights Off

It’s Friday y’all ! Celebrate the weekend 🙂

Revofev / Pursuit of Happiness

On my trip to L.A. I was lucky enough to catch Kid Cudi live at Nokia Theatre. He tore it up with these classics!

Tyler the Creater – Yonkers

Just came back form LA where I visited the Supreme shop, which is a local hang out for the Odd Future boys. Goblin tags was also very visible on the sidewalk. Check out this video from Tyler the Creator!

It’s Tropical – “The Greek”

I just stumbled upon this cool video. Remember how you would spend hours running around shooting your friends? 🙂

Chris Brown – Should’ve Kissed You

New video from CB. Showing some emotions, wondering if this hits Rihanna .. ‘s heart?

One message from SB to CB – Get that f**king hair cut under control !! Blond hair to this swaggerbandit, not cool.. not cool bro!

Have a nice weekend !

Tickets for R. Kelly ordered!

I’m off to the infamous Dog Town  in a few weeks. Latest activity added to the list is a concert with Mr. R. Kelly himself.

T.G.I.F !

Have a great weekend!

Lady Smita & Troels Egern – Dobbeltseng