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If I Had a Bike

I would definitely consider these helmets bye Diesel and AGV…

Love Your Camera?

I just bought a new camera (Canon EOS 20D) with my girl, and saw these camera straps by Levi’s x Monday. Look very nice I think!

iPad sleeve

I am about to be the proud owner of an iPad 2. And I’ve started to look for covers. I like this one from hard graft. It is a little expensive though. About 1.350 DKK. But hey – looks great doesn’t it?

Project Aura!

Project Aura is a bike safety lighting system. White means your maintaining speed or increasing, red means your slowing down. This is an awesome asset to all fixies !!

Check it out:

Dream Home

Check out this dope home from Andrés Remy Architects located in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Confetti Death

Typoe is an artist from Miami, who has just made the piece titled “Confetti Death”. Check out the pictures below!

Source: SlamXhype

Concrete memory

Check out these USB-sticks from Kix Berlin made in concrete. Inspired by architecture, the sticks look really cool. They are available in with 1gb or 4 gb of memory.

Check it out at AusBerlin.