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Rosie Huntington

As promised, here’s a closer look at Rosie Huntington, who is replacing Megan Fox in Transformers 3. I’m seeing this flick for sure this week!

Picture of the Day

Legendary Model of the Day

This model said that she was popular in high school, but felt socially overshadowed by the other girls in her class. She has revealed that because she was so tall, she became very shy and did not want to be noticed. We’re glad she got over it!

Miss Claudia Schiffer everyone – enjoy!

Legendary Model of the Day!

This English model has appeared on over 50 magazine covers and in magazine spreads. On top of that she is notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle.

Rock on Kate Moss!

Legandary Model of the Day

This model began modeling in the 11th grade. She later went to Paris, France to do some runway modeling. Within her first week in Paris, designers were so entranced by her presence on the runway that she was booked for an unprecedented twenty-five shows – a record in the business for a newcomer.

Cheers to Tyra Banks!

Beautiful Ink

Legendary model of the week

Here at swaggerbandits we like to celebrate the legendary models, who have contributed sooo much 🙂

Famous for her mole above her lip, this model has been on the cover of more than 600 magazines worldwide, including Vogue, W, People, and Elle. She was also the first model to pose for Playboy.

Have a great Sunday – here’s to Cindy Crawford!