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CPH: A different view

Check out these great pics from our wonderful Copenhagen from

Tattoo Age

As tattoos become more and more popular, artists are being more exposed than ever. A new series from VICE TV and New Era titled Tattoo Age follows some of these artists and depict their everyday life and all that goes with it.

Eric Elms “No Way Out”

This exhibition looks interesting! Catch it in Paris or check out mores pics from Hypebeast

Collection of Street Art

Combined with a photo from the right angle, these street artists have created some awesome 3D-effects with nothing more than some paint and a brush!

Y-3 Painted Billboard


Confetti Death

Typoe is an artist from Miami, who has just made the piece titled “Confetti Death”. Check out the pictures below!

Source: SlamXhype

Beautiful Ink

The power of permanency

This beautiful black/white movie is directed by Evan Dennis. The short film depicts New York and the tattoo shop “New York Adorned” with a stylish photography and soothing audio. Really makes you feel like getting a new tattoo! Check it out…