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Apple TV2

The best item I bought while chillin’ in NY was my new Apple TV 2. It’s not that special in the US, but in Europe it’s not that common. This is that our iTunes store sucks compared with the US store. So to make up for this made a US iTunes account and now I can have all the latest movies, series, MBL, NBA and more directly on my TV @ home. It’s also able to play music and movies from my computer and iPhone over the wifi and Apples AirPlay. The menu is typical Apple like, easy, slick and intuitive – not much to say about it, it does what it says. This is pure genius!

With its 8 gb flash storage there is no storing on the ATV2, it’s made for streaming and it does it perfectly. No hard disk also means no heat, no heat means no fans, no fans means no noise – it’s dead silent. On the back of the little black box you’ll find: 1 HDMI, power plug, optical audio, mini USB and ethernet.

It plays HD content from all the above-mentioned places but also from youtube, if you have a tube account it even easier to get your favorite videos to the big screen. Like every other Apple product you can jailbreak the Apple tv2 to make it do new tricks. Go get your ATV2 today !


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