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Champions League Final 2011

This Saturday it will all come down to the last game in the biggest cup in European Soccer. Who will take home the trophy?

Entourage – Final Season Coming Soon!

The 8th and final season of the popular HBO show will go on air July 24th, 2011.

Ari Gold’s comments and speeches are the best in the entire show. Who is your favorite character?

Cascada – The House

Check out this awesome house from Argentine architects Andres Remy.

Tickets for R. Kelly ordered!

I’m off to the infamous Dog Town  in a few weeks. Latest activity added to the list is a concert with Mr. R. Kelly himself.

Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time has just blown up on the internet, started on youtube about 7 months ago. They take cooking to another level, “next level cooking show” in their own words.

Creating Sushi and lasagna from fast food, is just some of the things they make !! It’s awesome and make sure to subscribe to get fun videos every thursday !


One of the most important accessories in the summertime is of course the shades. Check out the collection from YSL.

T.G.I.F !

Have a great weekend!

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